ITC on Bull Run For Three Consecutive Trading Sessions

Shares of ITC Ltd today saw over 1% increase in value and has been on bull run for past three trading sessions. The scrip reached an intra-day high of 268.40 and closed for the day at 267.60 with 1.19% increase in value in NSE. RSI indicator which is used to measure the momentum of stock based on speed of change in price of stock regardless of direction in which price moves is currently in range of 44 to 68 as the signal line continues to move in upward direction towards overbought region supportive of existing momentum for upward price growth.

Parabolic SAR indicator and ADX crosses indicator which are used to identify good points of entry and exit have both formed bullish signals in intra-day and daily charts supportive of continued uptrend price growth in near future trading session. Similarly Zig Zag indicator which is used to predict reversal of trend in longer time frame without being influenced by any short term volatility has also formed uptrend indication across intra-day & daily charts supportive of continued bullish price movement. Expected support and resistance levels for the stock are at 256.98 & 270.02 respectively.

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