Single Trading Account for All Trades

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has made amendments to regulations that concern brokers and sub brokers. This amendment allows retail investors to trade across exchange and commodity from a single account without need to fill out forms separately to trade in each exchange.

This will help retail trades to create a versatile portfolio and move funds across investments in stocks and commodities faster and easier. While this doesn’t do much to retail trades except making trading easier , it helps brokerage cut costs and expenses and for small brokerages this can be considered a huge advantage.

 This is a move towards unified market license for trading where one exchange such as BSE or NSE or MCX will be capable of offering platform to trades stocks and commodities from other exchanges, the operational rules of unified market license has not be released yet but both traders and brokerages are looking forward to same as it will help traders save a lot of time as they wont have to wait for day or more for their intra exchange trade form to be approved and they can react faster and easier to place trades based on market movement and brokerages will be able to increase their volume of trades across stocks and commodities alike which will help them increase the overall turnover.
Source : Economic Times
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