Today Market Outlook – 07.07.2017

Indian Stock Market has had a stable performance overall this week, despite a bearish trend of Asian and global markets , internal factors remain stable and strong and has greatly contributed to better stability of overall market performance.

However global factors do continue to stock market performance and a bearish trend is to be expected in market today. The positive factor is that a strong local market will limit the bearish trend from taking a steep dive and so we can expect the market to pick up at later hours based on performance of major players in Nifty 50. The  bearish trend can be expected to go upto 9590.

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Asia-Pacific Markets in Decline

Thursdays stock market performance of US stock market went into slump as a result of investors continuing to rotate out of tech stock. Since major players of NASDAQ – S&P 500 is made of high number of IT and tech industries and it stocks performing with a bearish trend  dragging down the overall performance, yesterday’s stock markets closed with bearish trend, NASDAQ Composite had a -1% decline and S&P 500 had a -0.94% decline.

Following Federal Reserves move to tighten their monitory policies and increase of rates, major central banks across globe such as Bank of England , Bank of Canada and European central banks are expected to move on with tightening their monitory policies and increasing rates which is greatly affecting performance of European and Asian markets and if the prospects come to implementation the overall market outlook will face vast changes.

Asian stock markets are still in bearish trend as a result of bearish performance of US and European markets and we are seeing a poor performance of Hang Seng, Shanghai and STI indices since market opened today.

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EOD Overview – 06.07.2017

Despite Asian markets having a bearish trend overall today’s Indian stock market performed well and ended on a bullish trend. Nifty 50 closed with an increase of 0.38%  value at 9674.55 which is higher than yesterday’s closing value.

The most actively traded stock in terms of volume for today is Future Consumer Limited with an increase of value and bullish trend closing with an increase of 5.95% and total traded stock volume was (15,76,93,942) pushing this weeks highest perform JP Associates to second place with a traded stock volume of (9,76,11,250) and closed with same closing value of yesterday.

The most actively traded stock in terms of value for the day is Vekney’s (India) Limited and value in lakhs was (52,332.09) although it ended with a bearish trend closing with a -3.35% decline compared to its yesterdays closing value and this weeks highest performer RIL was pushed out of today’s most active stock in terms of value and the same closed with -0.05% decrease in value when compared to yesterdays closing value and the total value of stocks traded today in lakhs was (44,864.32)

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Bullish trend on safe assets

Gold is recovering from its bearish trend this week compared to its high bullish performance last week, price of gold has held steady so far this week and post US Fed Minutes the price of gold seems to be improving across the world and we can expect this to reflect on Indian market resulting in stable but slow in increase in value of gold going ahead this week.

Crude Oil had a similar pattern to gold as well , the performance of crude oil went uphill last week and continued to remain on a bullish trend until it hit the weeks lowest value yesterday in last six business days , its back on its bullish trend again , however due to result of US decision to reduce their oil stockpile and the volume of oil set out to be sold by US and due to supply of oil still meeting up with demand despite OPEC’s drive to reduce production , the price of oil is expected to remain stable with minimum bearish or bullish fluctuations through out this week.

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Robust Reaction to GST

The market continues to give a thumbs up to the GST for another day today. Thats how the reaction of the markets so far has to be interpreted. The market has been very positive so far this week and is up by over 100 points for this week so far. Though there has been a large hue and cry from the common man, the volumes witnessed in the stock markets and the rise in the NIFTY tell us a totally different story. This is just to show how different the thinking can be, between a common man and the people who run the business. What seems great to the business need not necessarily be great for the people !

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Major Players

This weeks stock market has performed rather stable or with less impact on volatility in terms on market impact even after implementation of GST. The major players of the week so far are JP Associates LTD and Reliance Industries Limited.

Although JP Associates has seen both bullish and bearish trend  it has constantly remained as the most traded stock of the week in terms volume since market opened this week and Reliance Industries has retained its #1 position in terms of stocks traded with most value this week with a bullish trend so far.

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Today Market Outlook – 06.07.2017

Today’s Indian Stock Market is expected to perform slow and bearish trend is also to be expected , Although Indian Stock Market had a good performance yesterday and NIFTY ended with bull trend , Asian markets today have had a poor start of the day and this is evident with bearish trend of HANG SENG , FTSE STI indices since the start of today’s market.

NASDAQ and S&P 500 indices in american stock market has had a better performance in yesterdays market and Indian Stock Market has had a bull trend this week and we can expect a stable performance without much downfall, however if this negative trend continues in Asian markets, we can expect a bearish trend in NIFTY 50 with a fall in value of upto 9570

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EOD OVERVIEW – 05.07.2017

Today’s Market closed on a positive note, Nifty 50 took a bullish trend as expected and closed with value of 9637.50  although it didn’t reach the predicted value the performance was uphill. Reliance Industries Limited continues to remain on its bullish trend and retained its position of highest value of stocks traded today as well, the most traded stock of the day (Volume) was Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPASSOCIAT) with a total trade volume of (16,71,30,146) and it took bullish trend and closed for the day with an increase of 6.92% and ended with 20.85 as opposed to yesterday.

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Indian Rupee Strengthens

Indian Rupees has been gaining strength and moving with a bullish curve and is expected to continue with a bullish trend this week, while implementation of GST provides a healthy economic progress in long term and currently favors import business and manufacturing industries, export business and service sectors such as IT, international business outsourcing will face a bearish curve in their stock value.

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Boost in RIL Share Value

Reliance Industries Limited has seen a bullish trend so far this week and this trend is expected to continue till end of week , we can see that RIL shares is among the shares with most value traded and RIL share value have gone up today at the start of market hours influenced by rumored news of JIO’s plans to release cheap budget feature phones that operate on 4G, further details such as exact price of feature phone , specifications / models of feature phones to be released are expected to be released on parent company Reliance Industries annual general meeting on 21-Jul-2017 , there is also rumors about release of new tariff plans and bonus offers for new clients which if conformed on the meeting will result in further increase in RIL’s Stock value and also result in bearish curve on market value of stocks of competing telecom operators.

Source : Economic Times

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Today Market Outlook

Gold has seen a slight rise in its market value and performance of gold has been in a bullish trend in global market, we can expect a stable gold market with slight bullish curve today , Crude oil performance has seen a bullish trend as well however the rise of value may not be spectacular , we can expect a stable market situations and the chances of Crude oil price moving to bearish trend is very low due to ample supply of same despite OPEC’s drive to limit production.

Nifty took a bearish curve yesterday with a fall of up to 1.7 points, this bearish trend is expected to continue today but there are chances of a bullish trend similar to how nifty took a bullish trend after hitting intra day low and chances of today’s bullish trend can be expected to reach upto 9655 based on how the nifty sectors/companies with bullish trend perform today.

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EOD Overview – 04.07.2017

Today’s market has closed without much change , gold and silver continued the bearish trend till market closing and nifty 50 closed with a two point negative difference compared to yesterday market closing value.

While manufacturing sector continued to have a stable market , almost all companies in  telecom sector saw a bearish trend since market opened this morning to E.O.D, the most traded stock of the day was Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JPASSOCIAT) with a total trade volume of (18,30,97,780 ), Although JPASSOCIAT remained bullish throughout the day, the market ended up being bearish with a closing value of 19.50 (-1.2 difference) when compared to yesterday’s closing value.

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A Stable Market Outlook

Even though GST implementations has caused a stir in current market trend and some volatility is to be expected due to volatile end user market, GST has also provided way for increased growth and market stability as many fields face reduction in taxes and it has provided opportunities for positive growth of industrial and financial sectors, we can expect a stable market even if we don’t see as significant growth in overall market situations , this is clearly evident as we can see traders moving their investments from safer bets such as gold and silver to more risky and high yielding bets. As of yesterday’s end of day market data we can see that gold and silver have reaches lowest value in last six weeks.

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A Bit of Technicals in the Mix

For the moving average fans out there, one of the often forgotten moving averages is SMA 60. Too much focus is on the 100 and 200 moving averages from the various traders, that the power of the 60 SMA is missed by many. I have attached a chart of Kotakbank with the 60 SMA and you can see how the price respects that line. And for those interested, the prices are near the line now and it might be a good place to go long.



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Indian Markets React Strongly to GST

The Indian stock markets have ended the first day after the implementation of the GST on a positive note giving the thumbs up to the move so far. It remains to be seen whether this positive note will continue in the short and medium term as the practical difficulties in the implementation of the same will come to the fore during that time.

The NIFTY rose by over 90 points for the day and the close has been very strong as well and it remains to be seen whether this positivity continues for tomorrow as well. Traders would do well to keep an eye on the US stock markets tonight as well to watch out for signs of continuing bearishness in them.

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While the implementation of GST provides a better market growth option, we can expect a slow but steady growth in market value of commodities, manufacturing industries and end user products. We can be sure of overall market growth as even the stocks that usually have a low performance are expecting a steady increase in their market value.

GST has left the end user customers in turmoil, the public opinion of GST is mixed with both positive and negative approach and the same is clearly visible in today’s market output. We can see that the stock value of many manufacturing companies , value of commodities considered as lifeline of lifestyle such as crude oil , aluminium have gone up by at least 0.5% where as the purchase trend for consumer goods and retail sales except for sales of basic necessities has become very volatile or has slumped into negative trend. This is clearly proven by fact that price of gold, silver, copper and natural gas have become low and entertainment expense, mobile tariff, sales of mobiles and gadgets, hotel and restaurant fees, movie ticket pricing have become volatile.

This trend of volatile or low market value for retail and end user product can be expected to continue in weeks to come as many retailers are yet to register under GST due to lack of clarity with GST info.

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